Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Aspiring Ruling Class

What's wrong with Wal*Mart?

Simple. Wal*Mart is run by the unwashed masses, for the unwashed masses, with employees who are the unwashed masses. Wal*Mart replaces thousands of overpriced, inefficient stores run by the local royalty. It might be argued that Wal*Mart has too much control over the unwashed masses, but that control is no more than the control that existed before in the hands of the town elites who controlled the prior stores.

What's wrong with Sarah Palin?

Simple. She never went to Harvard or Yale or any other elite school. She doesn't even speak the language of the Secular Church of the Public Sector. She's not a member of the ruling elite.

What's wrong with people owning guns?

Simple. Just imagine how dangerous it is to force your ideas down the throats of the unwashed masses when they all have guns. Just imagine what might happen if they all got sufficiently pissed off. The government wouldn't be able to control them. (Go back and read the Declaration of Independence and the US Consistitution to see what the founders had in mind about an all-powerful central government.)

What's wrong with... etc. etc. etc.

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